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Immortal testimonies of the city of Florence of the last 60 years,
kept in an invaluable historical collection of over 3 million negatives and digital photographs.

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Our mission is to share our art and share the culture and beauty of our wonderful Tuscan capital.

Florence Art Photos

Photography is a shot that captures time.

Do you want to make immortal your holiday in the beautiful Florence?

Choose a souvenir for you or for your lovers signed by Torrini Photojournalism.
Images of the daily life of Florence, from the 50s to the present day, transformed into prints of the best quality printed on fine photographic paper and finished by elegant passepartouts signed and authenticated with the negative number.

Product Customization and Shipping

Each reproduction of our art photos of Florence, contained in the Torrini historical archive, is available in different formats, from the smallest to the largest depending on the customer's taste and can be sold individually or with the addition of canvases or supports acrylic.
It is our concern to satisfy every request, even the most curious and demanding.
The sale of our works is addressed to any part of the world, thanks to a safe and guaranteed courier shipping service in all phases of national and international transit.
Upon request, it is possible to purchase the selected print file and obtain the scanned negative.

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